Leash Walking Help

Pawsitive Strides Program - man and woman walking away with dog

Are you fed up or totally embarrassed with your pup’s behaviour on walks?

Pawsitive Strides is here to help whether you’re joining our cool online program or hanging out with us in person in Halifax, NS. We’ve got you covered!

Pawsitive Strides is perfect for your furry friend if they:

Can’t stop pulling on walks
Get overly excited/frustrated when passing by people and dogs
Are so distracted they can’t take treats
Act like you don’t exist as soon as you leave home

This program is perfect for you if you:

Leave your dog at home because of their behaviour
Feel something has to give and you’re ready for a different walk
Dread each walk


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An online course with live weekly coaching and an amazing community to provide support! You’ll learn my 5 Steps to having better walks with your dog.

1:1 In-Person

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Follow my proven 5-step plan and get my in-person support each step of the way! Lessons are delivered in the comfort of your home or neighbourhood!

In-Person Group

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A 6-week group class where you’ll practice each of the 5 steps in the Pawsitive Strides plan! Class will be held in a facility in Timberlea, NS and other pet friendly locations.