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Training Methods

  • Force-free – meaning no harsh corrections or tools will be used.
  • Rewards like treats, praise, and toys are used to reinforce good behaviour.
  • Practical suggestions based on lifestyle.
  • Game style training exercises, making it fun for the whole family.


Completed Paws Up Dogs Trauma Informed Dog Practitioner Course (working towards certification)
Completed Jollytails Dog Training & Behaviour Mentorship

About Me

Hi! My name is Amanda and I combined my love for dogs with my two passions – teaching people and improving mental health.

My first dog, Abbey (pictured on the left), was my hiking partner for almost all of her 13 years. When she first joined me she was scared of everything and had big feelings when leashed. It took a lot of work but she became more brave and I learned how to support her when she needed me.

She is the reason why I became a dog trainer. Abbey crossed the rainbow bridge in January 2021 just as I was starting this business.

The house was too quiet after losing Abbey so at the end of March 2021 Mabel joined the family and definitely livened things up! She has taught me so much about being patient and working with the dog that’s in front of you.

Of course, because I like a good challenge, Mabel is joining me on a journey to become certified as a Service Dog Coach!

Not only are we learning advanced training skills and building an amazing bond, but she is going to help me help others. There are many people in need of a service dog and only so many waitlists with organizations. I’m excited to graduate from my program and help people with psychiatric service dog needs.

Neo is Mabel’s best friend and I’ve worked with her since she was 8 months old so she has definitely become part of the family! Her parents knew she was a special girl and started a conversation with me about becoming a therapy dog team.

I know how much of an impact dogs can have on our mental health and Neo’s parents work with people who live with a disability. After becoming a certified therapy dog team, Neo and I spent many hours at her office!

And then there’s Dolly, the most dog savvy cat I’ve ever met. She was a feral kitten when I brought her home to foster and she stole my heart. This brave little girl would rub up against the baby gate with Abbey panting on the other side.

Then I bring home a wild little puppy and she took it all in stride. She takes her time to figure out if she can trust new humans in the house but you’ll certainly know it when she decides to accept you!

Dolly, Mabel, and I live with my partner, Mark, just outside Halifax, NS.

Happy Clients!


“We highly recommend Amanda! She is amazing with our pup. Amanda provides great guidance and instruction. Rosie has learned so much, and so has her parents.”​ – Sarah C.


“You have no idea how easy you’re making this whole dog owning/training thing feel. You have given me confidence I didn’t know I had. So thank you, I wouldn’t be coping very well if it wasn’t for what you do!” – Sheri P.​


“Ghost was working on his patio manners in Chester yesterday. Thanks Amanda for the Patio Practice training! “​ – Rebecca S.


“Amanda’s great! She helped develop Willie’s behaviour as a puppy. She was eager to adapt her training methods to our lifestyle and goals. I should also mention that Willie loved her! “​ – Westin C.

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