Our Training Methods

We use:

  • Rewards like treats and praise to encourage good behaviour.
  • Practical suggestions based on ability and lifestyle.
  • Game style training exercises whenever possible, making it fun for the whole family.

Our History

Amanda combined her love for dogs (especially her first rescue, Abbey) and her passion for teaching to launch Amanda VanTassel’s Dog Training Services in early 2021.

Abbey arrived at six months old, afraid of everything and knowing very little about the world. With very little knowledge, Amanda and Abbey worked hard together to make her brave and she ended up loving car rides, hikes and camping. She was reactive on leash walks right to the end of her life and Amanda knew there was more to learn.

While her professional experience was in the energy efficiency industry over the last ten years, it was there she was provided with many opportunities to travel Eastern Canada hosting training and education sessions.

In early 2020, she joined Jollytails Dog Training and Behavior Consultant Apprenticeship Program. While working through the program she realized how much more effective Abbey’s training could have been and, even with good intentions, how many mistakes were made. After completing the apprenticeship and leaving her old career behind, she joined the Paw Prints family as a daycare attendant to gain more experience with dog behaviour, communication, and play styles.

In 2021 she took her business full-time and enrolled in Animal Behaviour College’s Certified Dog Trainer program; she’s been happily working with dogs, soaking up new training knowledge and raising her year old pup, Mabel.

Graduate of Animal Behaviour College
Amanda and Abbey!

Our Happy Clients!


“We highly recommend Amanda! She is amazing with our pup. Amanda provides great guidance and instruction. Rosie has learned so much, and so has her parents.”​ – Sarah C.


“You have no idea how easy you’re making this whole dog owning/training thing feel. You have given me confidence I didn’t know I had. So thank you, I wouldn’t be coping very well if it wasn’t for what you do!” – Sheri P.​


“Ghost was working on his patio manners in Chester yesterday. Thanks Amanda for the Patio Practice training! “​ – Rebecca S.


“Amanda’s great! She helped develop Willie’s behaviour as a puppy. She was eager to adapt her training methods to our lifestyle and goals. I should also mention that Willie loved her! “​ – Westin C.

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