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Prepare your dog to become a Certified Therapy Animal

Do you have a dog with a calm and friendly temperament? One that doesn’t seem bothered by most things or just exudes that special something that makes for a great therapy dog?

We have partnered with Companion Paws Canada to help you certify your own dog to become a therapy animal! Read on to learn about the three designations available:

Personal Therapy Dog – A personal therapy dog may benefit those that struggle with mental wellness. For this certification, you must have a letter from your current mental health professional.

Visiting Therapy Dog – Visiting Therapy Dogs visit places like hospitals, hospices and nursing homes. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs are encouraged to interact with a variety of people while on-duty. These dogs may also visit schools, daycares, group homes and rehabilitation centers.

Assisted Therapy Dog – Assisted Therapy Dogs work with their owner who are typically educators, psychologists, counsellors and doctors. A therapy dog at their workplace can bring great benefit to their students, clients, and patients.


Certified Therapy Dogs are companion animals and not classified as Service Dogs. They are not protected under the Service Dog Act in NS or granted the same public access rights.

Work With Us

Initial Consultation

Complete your registration form and schedule your visit at your home or in your yard. During this consultation we will:

  • Talk about your dog’s history
  • Discuss therapy designations
  • Review certification process
  • Complete a Skills Checklist
  • Address any training needs
  • Estimate the required number of sessions
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Following your visit you’ll receive a copy of the training plan to review before booking your training sessions.

Training Sessions

After you’ve reviewed your training plan, you can schedule a session! We may practice in various locations (home, yard, and neighbourhood) and use mobility equipment. You’ll get a recap email that details the skills we worked on so you can continue to practice.

Our follow up sessions begin with a progress check-in and we’ll tweak the training plan as needed. At the end we’ll complete a final review of all the skills learned and you and your dog will receive a Therapy Dog Prep completion certificate!


When you’ve finished training and your dog is a minimum of 1.5 years old, you are ready to register for your therapy dog designation and complete the required testing. You are able to register a Visiting Therapy Dog with any organization of your choice (like St. John Ambulance, for example). Companion Paws Canada is the first and only organization in Canada to offer Personal and Assisted Therapy Dog certification.

To learn more about Companion Paws Canada’s Certify Your Own Dog Program, click here.


Initial Consultation$129
1 Session$125
Book 2 or More SessionsSave $10 per session
Prices do not include HST. Prices do not include registration fees for certification programs.

Success Stories

Neo the Newfiepoo worked hard to complete her training and is now a Certified Assisted Therapy Dog! Her company, reachAbility Association, provides support and services for people with a disability. Neo goes to the office weekly to greet her coworkers and their clients.

To learn more about Neo’s journey check out The Pet Project, a pilot program we created to spread awareness of the benefits a therapy dog can bring to the workplace.

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