Puppy Walks

From dogs that can’t stop pulling to dogs that just won’t go…let us help you!

Welcoming puppies up to 1 year

Build a custom program to help you and your puppy with all things walking

Do you dread the upcoming walk or even avoid doing them altogether? Do you leave the yard for a walk and suddenly feel invisible to your dog? Are you constantly apologizing for the things your dog does?

The world can be an exciting and overwhelming place for dogs, leading to things like pulling or an inability to listen. Together, we’ll discuss what your walks are like today and create a plan to improve them. We’ll review your equipment and go on practice walks where we’ll practice skills and play training games.

Ways We Can Help

  • Equipment review and recommendations
  • Desensitize to leash/collar/harnes
  • Reduced Pulling/Stopping/Laying down on walks
  • Improved focus on you
  • Reduced Barking
  • Proper greetings (and not greeting!)
  • Transition to offleash walks
silhouette of a woman walking her dog on uphill pathway

Work With Us

Initial Consultation

Complete your registration form and schedule your visit at your home or in your yard. This first visit will discuss your pup’s health, history, and all the things you’d like help with. We’ll discuss an action plan, including the number of sessions. Following your visit you’ll receive a copy of the training plan to review before booking your training sessions.

Training Sessions

After you’ve reviewed your training plan, you can schedule a session! We can practice in various locations (yard, neighbourhood, trails etc). We want the dog and humans to be comfortable so walks will depend on the weather.

After each session you’ll receive a recap email that details the skills we worked on so you can continue to practice.

Progress check-ins begin each of our follow up sessions, until the end where we complete a final review of all the skills learned and receive a graduation certificate for your superstar!


Initial Consultation$129
1 Session$100
Book 2 or More SessionsSave $10 per session
Prices include taxes and travel

If your pup needs extra practice or you need someone to walk them while you’re at work check out our dog walking service for clients!

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