Pawsitive Strides Online

Pawsitive Strides Online

Tired of pulling on walks? Follow my 5 steps to better walks with your dog

A dog walking nicely next to handler, not pulling on walks.

An online course, live weekly coaching with me, and an amazing community to support you every step of the way!

Be honest, do you dread the upcoming walk or even avoid doing it altogether? Do you leave the yard for a walk and suddenly feel invisible to your dog? Are you constantly apologizing for the things your dog does?

The world can be an exciting and overwhelming place for dogs, leading to things like pulling on walks or an inability to listen.

My 5-step plan can help with pulling on walks and much more!

Step 1: Tools to Succeed

Learn about the tools and equipment you’ll need to succeed.

Step 2: Manage the Walk Now

Stop dreading your walk and discover ways to manage now.

Step 3: Communicate With Your Dog

Learn ways to communicate with your dog and create ccalm before, during, and after your walk!

Step 4: Focus + Not Pulling on Walks

Develop core skills to promote focus and loose leash walking.

Step 5: Dealing With Distractions

Squirrels, dogs, or people…I’ll show you how to handle it like a pro.

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Plus: Bonus Materials Just For You!

This courses is loaded with extra resources and videos to help you in your leash walking adventures!

And You Won’t Be Left To Do It On Your Own!

Other courses dump their videos online and give you an email address when you need support. In addition to the online course, Pawsitive Strides includes:

Every week we’ll meet via Google Meet and chat about your goals, celebrate your wins, and troubleshoot your struggles.

You can post in the community when we’re not meeting live. Ask questions and upload videos and I’ll be there to support you!

It’s so much nicer knowing you’re not alone. Join the community with other pet parents at various stages of their leash walking journey.

While your videos unloack over a period of six weeks, you’ll get 3 whole months of access to the live coaching and community so that you can get the support you need.

This Program Is For You If:

You’re tired of pulling on walks
Your back and shoulders hurt all the time
Your dog can’t focus on you when you leave the house
You’re ready to take action but you don’t have time for group classes
You need support and accountability to stay motivated
You’re tired of Googling and need a plan that works

Finally, while you wait, I’ve created a FREE guide to help you create the calm you’re looking for before your walk even begins. You’ll also get the inside scoop on the exclusive benefits and be the first in the door when it opens!

Do you live in the Halifax, NS area and looking for an in-person version of Pawsitive Strides? I’ll come right to your home to help with pulling on walks – check it out here.

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