1:1 Online Dog Training

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Build a better life with your dog with our lessons, customized for you and your family

There aren’t enough hours in the day to dedicate to training on a regular basis on top of all the other things life throws at us, this is where online dog training can benefit you. I’ll work with you to find a training plan that fits your lifestyle. This program is for you whether you just need a couple lessons or specialized help.

Ways We Can Help

Our Training Can Help Your Dog:

Walk with a loose leash
Come when called
Polite Greetings
Leave it/Drop it
Basic cues (sit/down/stay)
Crate training
Counter surfing
And more!

Please note: We do not currently work with reactivity and aggression cases.

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Work With Us

Initial Consultation

Complete your registration form and schedule your video call. This first call will discuss your pup’s health, history, and all the things you’d like help with. We’ll discuss an action plan, including the number of sessions.

Following your visit you’ll receive a copy of the training plan to review before booking your virtual training sessions.

Training Sessions

After you’ve reviewed your training plan, you can schedule a session! These are also done online and, using your phone, can be held anywhere!

After each session you’ll receive a recap email that details the skills we worked on so you can continue to practice.

Progress check-ins begin each of our follow up sessions, until the end where we complete a final review of all the skills learned and receive a graduation certificate for your superstar!


Initial Consultation$140 CAD
1 Session$115 CAD
Book 2 or More Sessionssave $10 per session
Prices include tax