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Stimulate your dogs senses through canine enrichment

Welcoming dogs of all ages!

What is canine enrichment?

Simply put, enrichment is any activity that your dog can participate in that
they really enjoy and it typically involves using one or more of their senses.

Why should I introduce it to my dog?

Enrichment can bring many benefits! Here are just a few ways it can help you and your dog:

Bonding time with your dog

Outlet for natural behaviours

Burns energy

Can increase calm

Experience Enrichment

Maybe you’re interested in enrichment but have already invested a ton into toys your dog doesn’t play with or destroys. Or you’ve heard about enrichment but don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’re a fan of enrichment already but looking for more guidance and ideas! Experience Enrichment is here to guide you whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy, have a senior who is slowing down, or welcomed a rescue dog into your life.

How It Works

The experience can take place in your home or yard. I’ll arrive with a bunch of activities and get ready for your pup. These activities will be based on the age and breed of your dog as well as their treat preferences, so each set up is unique to you and your dog!

We’ll introduce your pup to the area to let them explore! You’ll be there to encourage them and team up to help them as needed!

During our session you’ll:

Learn more about your dog’s preferences

Discover how to introduce new enrichment activities

Get to try out various food and non-food related activities

Learn about special considerations (like safety and age appropriate activities)

After your session I’ll send a follow up email that highlights any of the activities your dog really enjoyed. You’ll also receive a copy of my e-book Canine Enrichment: Enriching the Lives of our Dogs that highlights the topics we discuss.

The Cost


This includes a private session up to one hour, treats in any food related activities, and your personalized follow up email with a copy of my e-book.

Ready to get started?

My enrichment content has been reviewed by Puzzle Dog and received the Puzzle Dog Enrichment Check for 2023!

I am honoured to be the first canine professional in the world to earn this designation.

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